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 Proudly innovated in US & Made in Malaysia



We keep both of you skin healthy.

Why Natural Ease?

& bioedgradable

Our product is unscented & non-alcohol.

Vit C, Vit P & Glucose are derived naturally from plants. There is no animal testing & artificial chemicals.

Non-Oil base which provides refreshing feeling to your skin!

removes unpleasant odour
itch relief

Our product is anti-pathogenic & protects you from skin infections.

The ingredients in our product breaks down odour-causing bacteria.

Our plant-base ingredients are anti-inflammatory & ease the skin itch.


"Natural Ease Pet Spray smells like nothing! Fussy pets will not be turned away from it as it is odourless. Its Vit C and Vit P ingredients keep pathogens away and restore the healthy skin tissues."

"Skin is the largest organ in your body. Treat them well."


Natural & Goodness For Every Living Things

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Pet Spray Testimonials


I've always been allergic to certain things, especially shell fish, dust and pollen.  
As I got older, my issues with eczema began to be more extreme, especially on my back and legs. I used all kinds of anti-fungal & steroidal creams to keep it under control. I was also prescribed anti-bacterial meds which made me bloat and have water retention. After many trials and errors, the eczema on my body is now under control.  
However two weeks ago, my face started to have a reaction which caused dryness, redness and itchiness. I was recommended to use the Natural Ease Spray on my face. It gave immediate relief and after half an hour, the itchiness and the redness started to subside. I still continue to use it as my issues with eczema is long term.  
I highly recommended it to anyone with skins issues, as its herbal mix is really gentle on the skin and does not smell like chemicals.

I usually have strong odour around my armpit area when I sweat at work and after sports. I used to use deodourant to overcome the odour, but had three concerns:  
(i) Health - because deodorant prevents sweating; deodourant spray contain chlorofluorohydrocarbon (CFC) and alcohol  (ii) Difficulty in selecting a deodourant with a scent that suits me  (iii) Strange smell when sweat combines with deodourant  
I tried using Ease Spray to solve my armpit sweat odour recently and was delighted that it can reduce the odour quickly. The effect can last for approximately an hour. I especially like the fact that Ease Spray is free of CFC and alcohol, and free of scent.  
I find it convenient to carry Ease Spray around with me because it is multifunctional, i.e. I can use it to sanitise my skin / surface, remove feet odour and heal wounds.  

I have eczema around my upper arms and it gets super itchy when the air is dry. It was so bad that I couldn't sleep at night and the skin is red and dark in colour. After using Ease Spray, the itch subsided substantially and scabs started to form and fall off. The skin definitely looks fairer and cleaner now. Thanks for the recommendation!


What Our customers say about us

Natasha, Age 47, Chronic Eczema Sufferer, KL

Mr. Lau Businessman, Malaysia 

Mr Khor C H, Food & Beverage Industry, Malaysia / Singapore

I had jock itch (a form of ringworm) on my inner thighs and buttocks for some time. After applying Ease Spray on the affected area, the itch stopped quickly and my skin began to heal.  
I also had peeling skin and cracking on my feet. After applying Ease Spray on my feet, I can see my feet healing too. Ease Spray also helped to relieve a smelly feet problem due to sweating.  
I like the fact that Ease Spray is scent free, feels natural, not oily and not messy to use.   
I highly recommended it to anyone with skins issues, as its herbal mix is really gentle on the skin and does not smell like chemicals.

Neni, Singapore 

About us

We advocate using biodegradable skin wellness products which are completely natural for all living things.  


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